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JAECOO Excellent Power and Supreme Control – JAECOO J7 Off-Road Proves Its Strength

For the body and soul, one must be on the road, and off-roading represents the best way to break through oneself and explore the unknown. In traversing hills and dales, one not only feels the grand passion of conquering nature but also enjoys the exhilarating liberation of surpassing oneself. As the founding model of the JAECOO brand, the J7 is dedicated to being the ultimate companion for “off-road at will.” Since its global launch in April 2023, the J7, with its hardcore off-road capabilities and outstanding power performance, has garnered numerous fans, sparking a new wave of urban off-road SUVs worldwide.

Excellent Power, Forging Exceptional Strength

Speed and control are the core elements in interpreting off-road style. As an urban off-road SUV born from the decades-long automotive manufacturing heritage of its parent company, the J7’s steel heart provides surging power support for users to roam the earth. Its equipped 1.6TGDI Excellent Power engine achieves a power output of 145kW and peak torque of 290N·m. With acceleration from zero to 100 km/h in the 8-second range and a 0-30 km/h start time of just 2.9 seconds, it rivals luxury brand 2.0T engines. Whether for quick overtaking or off-road extrication, the J7 always stays one step ahead.

The 7DCT wet dual-clutch transmission matched with the 1.6TGDI Excellent Power engine, once honored as one of the “Top Ten Transmissions Globally,” boasts a transmission efficiency of up to 98%, exceeding the average level of its class. With a shift response time of 0.2s, the J7 is completely free from jerking, achieving smooth and seamless control across all speed ranges.

Furthermore, the traditional pain point of balancing fuel consumption with power is perfectly addressed by the J7’s 290T Excellent Power system. On top of enhanced acceleration performance and off-road capabilities, the J7’s four-wheel drive WLTC (Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Cycle) comprehensive fuel consumption is only 7.48L per 100km, harmoniously unifying power output and fuel economy, thus liberating off-roading from cost constraints.

Supreme Control, Moose Test at 80Km/h

Of course, as an urban off-road SUV that embodies “From Classic, Beyond Classic,” the J7 does not just pursue powerful performance but also comprehensively enhances vehicle handling and passability.

The J7’s suspension system, fine-tuned by world-class chassis experts, has achieved a moose test speed of up to 80 km/h. This result far exceeds its SUV counterparts and rivals top-tier high-performance sports cars.

The vehicle’s exceptional off-road capabilities are also noteworthy. With a maximum wading depth of 600mm, an approach angle of 21 degrees, and a departure angle of 29 degrees, the J7 effortlessly handles steep inclines and rugged terrain without the risk of scraping the chassis. Combined with the unique ARDIS All Road Drive Intelligent System, IPB intelligent brake-by-wire, and seven all-road driving modes, the J7 adeptly handles a variety of complex road conditions.

With a heart for the strong and fearless, the J7’s excellent power and supreme control are empowering global users to passionately engage in off-roading, continually expanding the horizons of life in the boundless world of off-roading.





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