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OPPO Charts the Future of AI and Mobile Technology with New AI Center, XR Products, and 6G Vision

Riyadh, 28 February 2024 – OPPO, a leader in global technology, is pioneering the next wave of innovation in the AI space. With the establishment of the OPPO AI Center and the release of cutting-edge XR product OPPO Air Glass 3, OPPO is setting the stage for a transformative future in the industry.

OPPO outlines four distinctive characteristics of AI Smartphones

On the 20 of February 2024, OPPO has announced the inauguration of its AI Center, which will spearhead the development of user-centric AI products and services. The center’s research will enhance OPPO’s AI capabilities and introduce users to the latest AI experiences.

In response to the AI Smartphone era, OPPO, based on its forward-looking research and accumulation of knowledge on large models and generative AI technology, defines four major characteristics of AI smartphones:

  • AI Smartphones must efficiently utilize computing resources to meet the computational needs of generative AI in the AI era.
  • AI Smartphones should be aware of the real world in time through sensors, understanding the complex information of users and the environment.
  • AI Smartphones also need to possess powerful self-learning capabilities.
  • AI Smartphones will have multimodal content generation abilities, providing users with continuous inspiration and knowledge support.

With these distinctive characteristics, the arrival of AI Smartphones will revolutionize the mobile industry. Various AI services will be integrated into intelligent agents, enabling users to enjoy services that better meet their individual needs. This new ecosystem will significantly complement and enhance the current app ecosystem. OPPO will provide AI capabilities as well as a development platform to support this brand-new ecosystem.

Reno series to include generative AI features

OPPO has released its own large language model, AndesGPT, which comprises as many as 180 billion parameters. Underlying three major technical characteristics: dialogue enhancement, personalization, and cloud-device collaboration, its capabilities focus on knowledge, memory, tools, and creation. Following their introduction to the new OPPO Find X7 series, OPPO’s generative AI features such as intelligent object removal in photos and phone conversation summary have captured the imagination of both end users and the wider technology industry.

OPPO’s commitment to AI is further exemplified by its Reno11 Series and Find N3 in the global market, which will feature advanced generative AI capabilities, such as the OPPO AI Eraser function, within the second quarter of 2024.

OPPO unveils new OPPO Air Glass 3 at MWC 2024, showcasing innovative initiates in the era of AI

At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024, OPPO introduced the prototype for its OPPO Air Glass 3, an assisted reality product that leverages the AndesGPT model to provide a seamless AI experience. Weighing a mere 50 grams, these glasses are a testament to OPPO’s innovative spirit, offering functionalities like voice calls, music playback, and more with touch interaction and reverse sound field technology.

OPPO’s collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and AlpsenTek has resulted in the Hybrid Vision Sensing technology and AI Motion algorithm, which enhance image clarity and provide high frame rate slow-motion video capabilities on mobile phones. This collaboration reflects OPPO’s open approach to innovation and its commitment to building a robust AI ecosystem with industry partners.

OPPO Shares New Vision for ‘AI+6G’ in New 6G White Paper and 6G Security White Paper

OPPO envisions a future where ‘AI+6G’ technology will blend real and virtual realms, leading to innovative markets like Mobile AI Computing and the Mobile Metaverse. The company’s ‘Minimized Kernel’ research aims to ensure efficient, adaptable future communication systems, while its focus on 6G security is set to protect user data with a flexible, intelligent zero trust architecture.

With a robust portfolio of over 3,160 AI patents, OPPO is pioneering AI in mobile technology and collaborating globally to deliver superior products and services. As AI redefines the mobile ecosystem, OPPO is at the forefront, ready to usher in a new era of intelligent, user-centric connectivity. For a deeper dive into OPPO’s 6G, Please visit the 6G White Paper :



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