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Meet the Speakers of LEAP24: The Global Tech Event of the Year

LEAP24 is a global tech event that brings together the world’s most influential speakers, innovators, and leaders. Some of the most known speakers that are attending LEAP24 are:

Michelle Zatlyn
Amin Nasser
Bill McDermott
Arvind Krishna
  • Michelle Zatlyn, the co-founder, president, and COO of Cloudflare, a web performance and security company that powers over 25 million websites. She will share her insights on how to build a resilient and scalable internet infrastructure for the future.
  • Amin Nasser, the president and CEO of Aramco, the world’s largest oil company. He will discuss how Aramco is transforming its energy business with digital technologies and sustainability initiatives.
  • Bill McDermott, the chairman and CEO of ServiceNow, a cloud computing platform that helps enterprises automate workflows and deliver digital experiences. He will talk about how to create a culture of innovation and customer obsession in a fast-changing world.
  • Arvind Krishna, the chairman and CEO of IBM, a leading technology company that offers solutions for cloud, AI, quantum computing, and blockchain. He will reveal how IBM is driving innovation and growth with its hybrid cloud strategy and its commitment to responsible technology.

These are just some of the speakers that are attending LEAP24. You can find out more about them and other speakers on the official website:



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